Gedy is an award winning full service agency and consultancy with an extensive operation network in China: Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong SAR. With good understanding that mainland China is not a single market, but comprises 31 provinces and autonomous regions across a vast territory, each with its own economic characteristics, development levels and culture, we are always looking for that creative breakthrough that is tailored to local interests – something that sets our clients apart from everything else.

Services and territories are headed up by directors with experience working internationally for local operators and global brands. We work collaboratively with our clients on-the-ground and across orders to deliver highly creative and results driven projects and campaigns.

China’s internet community is among the fastest growing in the world and there were roughly 538 million internet users, or netizens, in June 2012 which can be translated into huge business potential. We are passionate about new media and are investing heavily in developing our social media and digital capabilities for our clients and campaigns.